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Record label founded by Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss. The Stay Awake is on the A&M label.

See also: A&M Records.


The Point first aired as the "Movie of the Week" on ABC.

See also: ABC Television Network.

The Abdication of Count Down

"The Abdication of Count Down" is a scene from the film Son of Dracula. The dialogue is on the Son of Dracula album.

See also: Son of Dracula (1974).

Ewart Abner

Songwriter ("At My Front Door"). Former President of the Vee Jay and Motown labels, Abner managed the the Supremes, the Temptations, the Jackson Five, Stevie Wonder and others. ( b. 1923, d. 1997)

See also: The Vee-Jay Story.

Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror annually presents the Saturn Awards. Hawkeye Entertainment once had the rights to broadcast the Saturn Awards show.

Frank Adams

Songwriter ("I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now")

Terry Adams

Piano Player ("Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah")

See also: Terry Adams Credits.

Murray Adler

Violin (...That's the Way It Is)

See also: Murray Adler Credits.

Adriano's Restaurant

The October, 1990, issue of L.A. Magazine reported that Harry joined Terry Gilliam onstage at Adriano's Restaurant to sing "Come Fly With Me," "It Had to Be You," and "High Hopes."

2930 Beverly Glen Circle, Bel Air

(310) 475-9807.

Milton Ager

Songwriter ("Trust In Me"), ("Freckles")

See also: Milton Ager Biography.

Algonquin Hotel

During a March, 1994, appearance at the Algonquin Hotel, Brian Wilson sometimes had a problem remembering his own songs, but reacted enthusiastically to a request to perform Harry's "This Could Be The Night."
Algonquin Hotel
59 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036-6638
(800) 548-0345

All That Jazz

A film based on the life of Bob Fosse which features Harry's song "Perfect Day."

See also: All That Jazz.

Keith Allison

Songwriter ("Auntie's Municipal Court"). Guitar (Flash Harry, ...That's the Way It Is)

See also: Keith Allison Credits.

John Alonzo

Director of Photography (The Telephone)

See also: John A. Alonzo Credits.

Herb Alpert

Co-founder of A&M Records. Songwriter ("Just Wait Till Summer Comes").

Alpert recorded a cover of "Without Her." He plays harmonica on Harry's recording of "Foolish Clock."

See also: Herb Alpert.

Nathalie Altman

Choir, Chorus (Pussy Cats)

Robert Altman

Director (Popeye)

See also: Robert Altman.

Americana Hotel

On May 13, 1968, John Lennon and Paul McCartney held a press conference at the Americana Hotel in New York to announce the formation of Apple. Responding to questions, they name Harry Nilsson as both their favorite American artist and as their favorite American group.

Bruce Ansley

Contributor to Everybody's Talkin' ("Bruce Ansley's Top Ten Signs You're a Harryhead")

See also: Bruce Ansley's "One Last Touch of Nilsson" page.

Michael Anthony

Guitar (...That's the Way It Is)

See also: Michael Anthony Credits.


Apple Corp., The Beatles record company. Son of Dracula was billed as "An Apple Films Production."


The Beatles record label.

Harold Arlen

Songwriter ("It's Only a Paper Moon")

See also: Harold Allen Biography.

Curtis Armstrong

Actor, filmmaker, and frequent contributor to the Everybody's Talkin' newsletter. Curtis is currently helping RCA/BMG's Buddha label reissue Harry's albums on CD.

See also: Curtis Armstrong Biography.

Ken Ascher

Piano (Pussy Cats)

Deidra Askey

Choir, Chorus (...That's the Way It Is)


Label which issued Albert Brooks's A Star is Bought album which features Harry as "Lassie."

Leonard Atkins

Violin (Aerial Ballet)

See also: Leonard Atkins Credits.


Label which issued Ringo Starr's Rotogravure album. Nilsson sings backing vocals for "Lady Gaye" on the album.

See also: Atlantic Records.

Hoyt Axton

Singer, Songwriter ("The No No Song").

See also: Hoyt Axton Biography.