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Ok...there's no way around it. People were *staring*. Most likely it was the sight of Terry, who is over 6' tall and was walking around in front of the Hall of Fame in a brown terrycloth robe. But it could've been because I was carrying a four foot framed picture of Harry, or that Craig, Gary, and Randy were carrying coconuts (we forgot the limes). It really could have been the combination of all of the above. -- Sue Schnelzer
During my trip to Los Angeles last year (October 1996) I had the great pleasure to spend some time with Zak Nilsson and his wife, Leslie. Here we are in front of the house from the cover of Aerial Pandemonium Ballet. Zak's wearing one of the Nilsson Pages t-shirts. -- Roger Smith

During a business trip to Los Angeles, Sue Schnelzer ran into fellow Harryhead, Randy Hoffman, and Zak Nilsson (center).