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What's New

8/9/01 - Added a page to help people looking for The Point! on cd.
7/1/01 - Added new designs and products to the "Cafe Press" store. New shirts and hats!
12/13/00 - Fixed problem that caused NetMind's Mind It to always report that the pages have changed.
12/13/00 - Added bigger album cover images, some images of singles, and more links to external sites.
10/10/00 - Major redesign.
9/26/00 - Added Videos page.
6/14/00 - Added the Reissues page.
6/4/00 - Added list of Nilsson items available from Tower Records.
2/27/00 - Added and updated many items. Removed Java applet from top of pages.
4/13/99 - Updated many items - lots of small changes.
10/30/98 - Updated the Links page
10/30/98 - Updated the Sources page.
9/29/98 - Added Shopping Cart for ordering shirts
9/29/98 - Added Shopping Cart for ordering the newsletter
5/5/98 - Added a few pictures to the Scrapbook
1/28/98 - Made many minor additions/changes and updated the "Sources" Page
11/21/97 - Made lots of little changes/additions and added the "Sources" page
9/22/97 - Added Articles from the Spring 1997 Newsletter
9/22/97 - Added Articles from the Winter 1997 Newsletter
5/30/97 - Added Additional Information to Discography
2/26/97 - Added a "Search Amazon" Option to the Books, CDs, and Videos from Amazon Page
2/26/97 - You Can Now Be Automatically Notified by E-Mail When This Page Changes - See Below
2/19/97 - Added Articles from the October 1996 Newsletter
2/11/97 - Rebuilt the Pages to Create a Better Index
1/29/97 - Added the "Harry Who?" page
1/29/97 - Added an Entry to the Scrapbook
1/14/97 - Added a Page Listing Books, Tapes, and CDs from Amazon.com

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