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Fred Tackett

Guitar player (Flash Harry, ...That's the Way It Is, Stop and Smell the Roses).

Tackett worked with Rod Stewart, Boz Scaggs, and Carly Simon before joining Little Feat in the 80's.

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Austin Talbot

Songwriter ("She Sits Down on Me")

Quentin Tarantino

Movie Director.

See also: Quentin Tarantino.

Melvin Tax

Bassoon (...That's the Way It Is)

See also: Melvin Tax Credits.

Derek Taylor

Former press agent for The Beatles. Taylor introduced Harry's music to The Beatles.

"Derek has been one of the great influences on my life. I've had others. Lenny Bruce - I used to memorize all his routines. Ray Charles, whose Newport 1958 is one of the classic recordings of all time. Also, the Everly Brothers, Little Richard, and, of course, Elvis. ... [Derek] is a brilliant man; the most brilliant man I've ever met." -- Harry

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Paul Taylor

Choreographer of A Field of Grass.

See also: Paul Taylor Dance Company.

TeeVee Toons

Television's Greatest Hits Vol. II is on the TeeVee Toons label.

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Telephone Productions, Inc.

The company formed to produce The Telephone.

The Telephone

Film based on a script by Harry and Terry Southern

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Anthony Terran

Fluegelhorn (Aerial Ballet), Trumpet (Aerial Ballet, ...That's the Way It Is)

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Darrel Terwilliger

Violin (Aerial Ballet)

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That'll Be The Day

Producer David Puttnam was impressed by Harry's song "1941" and asked writer Ray Connolly to create a screenplay based on it. The resulting film, That'll Be the Day, does not closely resemble the story in the song. It is rumored that Harry made a cameo appearance in the film which may have ended up on the cutting room floor.

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Les Thatcher

Guitar (Son of Schmilsson)

See also: Les Thatcher Credits.

Bill Thedford

Choir, Chorus (...That's the Way It Is)

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Third Story Music

Publisher ("Everybody's Talkin'")

Lee Thornburg

Trumpet (Stop and Smell the Roses)

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Three Dog Night

Musical Group which recorded Harry's "One.

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Tickson Music

Publisher ("Rainmaker")

Time Magazine

Harry appeared on the cover of the February 12, 1973 issue of Time Magazine.

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George Tipton

George Tipton was a music copyist in Perry Botkin's office when he put up the money to back a recording session for Harry. George arranged the recording and went on to become a highly-regarded music arranger.

Arranger/Conductor (Nilsson Schmilsson)

See also: George Tipton Credits.

Peter Tork

The only one of The Monkees who didn't seem impressed when Harry auditioned songs for them. "Only Peter Tork couldn't give a shit."

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Rip Torn

Director (The Telephone)

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Dean O. Torrence

Dean O. Torrence is the "Dean" of Jan and Dean. Dean Torrence has designed the covers for many albums including several of Harry's.

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Kathy Torrence

Kathy Torrence crafted the needlepoint for the cover of The Point. The cover was designed by her brother, Dean O. Torrence.

Allen Toussaint

Songwriter ("Mother In Law"). Allen Toussaint is a New Orlean's R&B singer, songwriter, and piano player. At one time, Harry considered recording an album of songs by Toussaint. He did record "Mother In Law" during the Papa's Got a Brown New Robe sessions.

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Label which issued the Spotlight on Nilsson

Pete Townshend

Pete Townsend (of The Who) bought the London Apartment where both Keith Moon and Cass Elliot had died from Harry.

See also: Pete Townsend.

Jack Tracy

In 1963, Harry recorded a demo of a sang called "Wig Job" and was allowed to record on of his own songs, Donna I Understand for the B-side. Jack Tracy is the Mercury executive who said "I like the singer and I like the song 'Donna I Understand,' but the other side I don't like!'" after hearing the "Wig Job" single.

"So, as a result of that, I got signed by Mercury, and I said (to the song publisher), 'Bye!' They kept me on the label for a year and they didn't put anything out, and finally they put that one single out." The single was released under the name "Johnny Niles."

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The Traveling Wilburys

A group featuring George Harrison, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and Roy Orbison.

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Merle Travis

Songwriter ("Sixteen Tons")

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Trident Studios

Nilsson Schmilsson and Son of Schmilsson were recorded at Trident Studios in London.


The Troubadour Club. In 1974, Harry and John Lennon were ejected from a performance by the Smothers Brothers at the Troubadour Club, an incident that "ruined my reputation for 10 years. Get one Beatle drunk and look what happens!"

"It still haunts me. People think I'm an asshole and a mean guy. They still think I'm a rowdy bum from the '70s who happened to get drunk with John Lennon, that's all. I drank because they did. I just introduced John and Ringo to Brandy Alexanders, that was my problem." -- Harry

"That was in '74 and my brother and I had just started working for a couple of years. We were ready to come back and play our first appearance at the Troubadour in many, many years -- actually, since the television show went off the air.

So, it was opening night and, I mean, it was a huge Hollywood opening. During our first set I heard someone yelling about pigs. It was fairly disgusting. It came from an area that was kind of the elite, raised area.

The Smothers Brothers have slow timing. I work kind of slow -- not the rapid-fire, Robin Williams type of comedian. And I kept looking over, and every time I'd take a timing break, it [the heckling] would come in. I couldn't figure out who it was. I knew Harry was there and I know how Harry Nilsson gets because I've been out with him when we've been a little crazy. And I knew Lennon was there, but I didn't know who was doing it.

The heckling got so bad that all of a sudden -- I couldn't see very well from the stage -- but our show was going downhill rapidly. No one cared it was just a happening anyway, but there was a scuffle going on and we stopped the show.

My wife, who I had just married, ended up with Lennon's glasses because of the punches that were thrown. The he went outside 'cause he was still angry and kicked the car parker. I was pissed off because here was Lennon, a pretty good friend of mine, and Harry Nilsson was a close -- I mean we were very tight and had great respect for each other, but they were tuned up pretty good and drinking brandy.

Harry was very persistent saying, 'Tommy, I didn't do anything.' 'I know you, Harry,' I said. 'You were whispering to John to yell out those things.' And he says, 'I didn't whisper it -- I just made the suggestion.'

I forget how it came about, but he denied having anything to do with it. But I knew he did. He admitted it later.

Flowers came the next day, apologizing. Those things happen. I looked at it then as the way I still do now. The Beatles weren't performing or recording anymore. Harry Nilsson was working on other things and wasn't recording a lot. And, when you're that high-energy and that creative, and you don't have a job to focus on, it comes out somewhere. It's either in someone else's performance or jumping in.

It was another one of our highlights. A lot of our career has been based on accidents." -- Tommy Smothers


The label which released the "Do You Wanna (Have Some Fun)" single.

Jennifer Trynin

Jennifer Trynin performs "Mournin' Glory Story" on the For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson album.

See also: Jennifer Trynin Biography.

Cantey Turner

Choir, Chorus (Pussy Cats)

Kristin Turner

Choir, Chorus (Pussy Cats)

Scott Turner

Songwriter and producer. Harry recorded several demos for Turner which have been released on albums such as Nilsson '62 - The Debut Sessions and Early Tymes.

See also: Meet The Music Morsels Writers.


In 1987, Hawkeye Entertainment announced that it had signed a contract with The Turtles for three albums.

The Turtles recorded Harry's "Battle Of The Bands" and "The Story Of Rock And Roll".

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