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Gregory Page

Singer/Songwriter. Page's Romantic Adventures of Harry contains the song "Harry Ain't Gone" which may be a tribute to Nilsson. Even if it isn't, the album should appeal to Harry's fans.

David Paich

Keyboards (...That's the Way It Is)


RCA's budget label which released the Best of Nilsson album.

Paramount Theater

The Paramount Theater building used to be located at Sixth and Hill Streets in Downtown Los Angeles. Harry worked at the theater just before it closed.

Pardon Us

"Pardon Us" is a Laurel and Hardy film. In "Pardon Us," Oliver Hardy sings "Lazy Moon" which Harry recorded for the A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night album.

See also: Pardon Us.

Van Dyke Parks

Musician (Midnight Cowboy (soundtrack), ...That's the Way It Is, Duit on Mon Dei, Flash Harry), Composer. Parks worked with Harry on the Popeye soundtrack and plays "Hoagy" in the film. Parks is mentioned in the song "Jesus Christ You're Tall."

See also: Van Dyke Parks Web Page.

Phylida Paterson

Choir, Chorus (Pussy Cats)

See also: Phylida Paterson.

Paul Taylor Dance Company

Dance company which performs A Field of Grass based on songs by Harry.

See also: Paul Taylor Dance Company.

Bruce Paulson

Trombone (Stop and Smell the Roses)

See also: Bruce Paulson.

Bill Payne

Keyboards (Flash Harry).

One of the founding members of Little Feat, Bill Payne has played keyboards for many other artists.

See also: Bill Payne.

Doris Payne

Songwriter ("Just One Look")

Pediatric AIDS Foundation

The For Our Children album is dedicated to the Pediatric AIDS Foundation, a unique non-profit organization dedicated to funding critically needed pediatric AIDS research. Over 80 percent of the raised funds are directly allocated to scientists around the country, with the other funds distributed to the foundation's other programs.

Because Children with the HIV virus are affected much differently than adults, research must be funded and conducted separately in the fight against pediatric AIDS.

To make a contribution please write to:

Pediatric AIDS Foundation|2407 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 613|Santa Monica, CA 90403
(800) 488-5000 (to make a contribution by credit card)

See also: Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Richard Perry

Producer of Harry's Nilsson Schmilsson and Son of Schmilsson albums. He plays Mellotron and Percussion on Nilsson Schmilsson.

See also: Richard Perry.

Tom Petty

One of The Traveling Wilburys.

See also: Tom Petty Yahoo Links.


Budget reissue label (Aerial Ballet (reissue), Nilsson Sings Newman (reissue), Rock N Roll Nilsson)

Larry Pilsson

Radio Active, a BBC Radio program featuring Mike Flex, Mike Channel, and Anna Dapter once presented some spoof records by fictional artists such as the HeeBeeGeeBees and Kate Bushed. They also made an Album called 439 Golden Greats:
1. Meaningless Songs - The HeeBeeGeeBees
2. (Dancing) Up the Wall - Jack Michaelson
3. Dead Cicada - The Beagles
4. Quite Ahead of My Time - David Bowwow
5. You're My Son - Kenny Rogered
6. Boring Song - Status Quid

1. Ah! - The HeeBeeGeeBees
2. Music Machine - Blabba
3. Too Depressed to Commit Suicide - The Peecees
4. Simple Song - Paul McCarthrob & Wangs
5. Granma - St. Winnalot's Reform School
6. Oh Me! - Larry Pilsson
7. Bird of Peace - Neil Dung, Bob Vylan, The Bland, Frank Sumatra, Dean Martian, Leonard Crowing, George Harassing
Larry Pilsson is a spoof of Harry Nilsson.

Gary Pipkin

Songwriter ("Everybody Do The Philly")

See also: Gary Pipkin.


Literary Magazine known for its interviews.

See also: Playboy Home Page.

Playboy After Dark

Late night show hosted by Hugh Hefner. Harry appeared as a guest.

See also: Playboy After Dark.

Playboy Club

Harry's London flat was across from the Playboy Club: "It was just a typical London flat, but it was in a great neighborhood. It was across from the Playboy Club, diagonally. From one balcony you could read the time from Big Ben, and from the other balcony you could watch the bunnies go up and down."

The Point (stage)

Esquire Jauchem adapted Harry's The Point for the Boston Repertory Theater stage in 1975. The play was staged at the Mermaid Theatre in London in 1976 and 1977.

In 1991 the play was revived at the Chapel Court Theater of the Hollywood United Methodist Church with choreography by Janet Eilber.

The Point

Harry's 1971 animated special. The Point first aired as the "Movie of the Week" on ABC in January of 1971.

Dustin Hoffman narrated The Point when it first aired. Alan Barzman narrated when the show was re-aired. The home video release is narrated by Ringo Starr.

See also: The Point.


Label which released the Every Man Has a Woman album.

Doc Pomus

Songwriter ("Save the Last Dance for Me")

Vini Poncia

Musician, Songwriter ("Lady Gaye")

See also: Vini Poncia.

Pop Arts String Quartet

Quartet featured in Harry's recording of "Remember (Christmas)."

Roger Pope

Drums (Nilsson Schmilsson)

See also: Roger Pope.


Harry created the music for the Robert Altman film starring Robin Williams.

"Nobody wanted him [Harry] at first except Robin Williams. Everyone said 'You'll get in trouble with him -- he'll get drunk; he won't do it; he's all washed up.' As a matter of fact I said all of those things about Harry to Robin myself one day. Then I went home and thought about it and said to myself, 'Jesus, that's what some people are saying about me!' So I called Harry Nilsson, because I had never met him in my life, and we got along terrifically." -- Robert Altman.

The basic tracks for Popeye were recorded in a studio specially built on location in Malta. Harry wrote at least three of the film's songs on location.

See also: Popeye.

Benny Powell

Trombone (...That's the Way It Is)

Otto Preminger

Film Director. Directed Skidoo which features a score by Harry.

See also: Otto Preminger.

Elvis Presley

Singer and Occasional Actor

See also: Yahoo's Elvis Links.

Billy Preston

Singer, Keyboard Player

Peri Prestopino

Choir, Chorus (Pussy Cats)

Alan Price

Alan Price recorded a cover of Harry's "1941."

Jim Price

Trombone/Trumpet (Nilsson Schmilsson), Horn (Son of Schmilsson)

Lloyd Price

Songwriter ("Just Because")