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Carmine La Via

Talent agent. A member of Hawkeye Entertainment's advisory board and Vice President of Fifi Oscard Associates, Inc..

Labrea Inn

Harry first met Derek Taylor at the Labrea Inn in Los Angeles.

Carl LaMagna

Violin (...That's the Way It Is)

Robert Lamm

Robert Lamm (along with Gerry Beckley and Carl Wilson) performs "Without Her" on the For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson album.

See also: Robert Lamm.

Diane Lampert

Songwriter ("All For Your Love")

Burton Lane

Songwriter ("How About You")

Mark Lapidos

Mark and his wife Carol organize the Beatlefest conventions.

See also: Beatlefest.


Four-legged TV and movie star.

Harry appears as "Lassie" in Albert Brooks' "Party from Outer Space."

Denzil Lauchton

Harp (Duit on Mon Dei)

Laurel and Hardy

Harry was a big fan of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. He performed "Lazy Moon" from "Pardon Us, a Laurel and Hardy film, on the A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night album. The cover of that album features Harry recreating Hardy's thumb-as-a-lighter gag.

Stan Laurel


See also: Stan Laurel.

Lynda Laurence

Choir, Chorus (...That's the Way It Is). Lynda sings with Harry on "Just One Look" and "Baby, I'm Yours".

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Peter Lawford

Actor (Skidoo)

See also: Peter Lawford.

Trevor Lawrence

Producer (...That's the Way It Is) and sax player (Pussy Cats)

Ricky Lawson

Musician (Flash Harry)

Lay Lady Lay

While making Midnight Cowboy, director John Schlesinger used Harry's version of "Everybody's Talkin'" as an example of the kind of song he wished to use in the film. For the released version of the film, he auditioned other songs including Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay" and Harry's "I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City." Schlesinger finally decided to use "Everybody's Talkin'."

Buddy Lee

Songwriter ("Wig Job")

Leonard Lee

Songwriter ("Let The Good Times Roll")

Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee recorded Harry's "Think About Your Troubles."

Acy Leham

Leham did the graphics for the Nilsson Schmilsson cover.

Art Direction (Knnillssonn)

John Lehman

Choir, Chorus (...That's the Way It Is)

John Lennon

Songwriter ("Old Dirt Road," "You Are Here," "Mucho Mongo-Mt. Elga," "Yesterday," "Mother Nature's Son," "She's Leaving Home," "You Can't Do That")

"[My association with] John Lennon hurt me a lot, with the bad press. But on the other hand, I owe John everything. I had signed an agreement with RCA for a new, $5 million contract and they had reneged on it; the new president didn't sign it. I had been saying, "The contract's binding. We'll take you to fucking court, man.' And the president had said, 'It's not binding here.' And there was this question of jurisdiction and all that stuff, and I was prepared for a fight. I said to John, 'I just got $5 million, and they took it away from me, like that.' He said, 'Ah, they're all fuckers, Harry. They're all fuckers.' He said, 'Just go down and tell the guy he's a fucker.' So I went down to RCA. We'd been up all night long and it was now 10 in the morning. Both still drunk, with shades, hats, dark jackets. The secretary said, 'Mr. Glancy, uh, Harry Nilsson and John Lennon are here to see you, sir.' 'What?' Boom! Door opens immediately. We walk in. There we are, you know? In every office, heads are turning to look at us. He said to John, 'Hi! How are you doing, sir? Would you like a cigar?' John said, 'No, thanks. I'd take a brandy.' So we had a brandy, and John said, 'Look, it's about Harry. You know, you've only ever had two artists on your label: Elvis and Harry. He told me what you're paying him. Look, for that money, I'll sign it. You've got an artist! Pay the two dollars! 'Pay the two dollars' was like saying, pay the parking ticket, rather than fight City Hall. He said, 'I'll sign with you, for that kind of money.' When the guy heard that, his mind went 'Bing!' Dollar signs! So he said, 'Well, we'll have to get the contracts together.' I said, 'No, no. They're on the 10th floor. They're in Legal. Ask Dick Etlinger, in Business Affairs. He's they guy.' So he calls up and says, 'Do you have the Nilsson contract? Could you bring it up here?' Because he didn't want to look like an asshole in front of John. They brought up the contract. I said, 'All you have to do is affix your signature where it says "President." Just write your name on it.' He said, 'Okay,' and he did it, right in front of John. John made me $5 million that minute. I looked at John for a minute and I almost cried. Then I said, 'I'd like four copies.' I gave one to John, one to me, put one in the hotel safe, and I sent one out to California. And that's how I got to be a multimillionaire. Thank you very much, John!"

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Allen Lentz

Recording Engineer (Aerial Ballet). Actually the name on the album cover is a misprint of Allen Zentz's name.

Norm Lenzer

Screen Play (The Point)

Sam Lerner

Songwriter ("I'm Popeye the Sailor Man")

E. Leslie

Songwriter ("For Me And My Gal")

Gayle Levant

Harp (Duit on Mon Dei)

Level 42

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Levene & Eisenberg

Law firm which handled Harry's bankruptcy

Morris Levy

Songwriter ("Ya Ya")

Clarence Lewis

Songwriter ("Ya Ya")

Life Magazine

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Arto Lindsay

Lindsay plays guitar on Harry's recording of "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah."

See also: Arto Lindsay Discography.

Buzzy Linhart

Linhart sings on Harry's "With a Bullet" single.

See also: Buzzy Linhart Home Page.

Eric P. Lipman

A member of Hawkeye Entertainment's advisory board.

Little Richard

Little Richard

See also: Little Richard.

Si Litvinoff

In late 1985, Si Litvinoff was named as Hawkeye Entertainment's Vice President of Marketing.


Liverpool is known for performing songs by The Beatles at the Beatlefest conventions. Harry performed with them a few times.

Bill Lloyd

Bill Lloyd performs "The Lottery Song" on the For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson album.

Dana Lynne Loats

Costume Designer for The Point (stage)'s 1991 revival at the Chapel Court Theater in Hollywood, California.

Los Angeles

"No, Randy [Newman] loves LA. Me, I just love the Dodgers. But I do like living here. We lived for four years in Nyak, New York, off the Hudson River, and the neighbors kept trying to get me to join the volunteer fire department, so we left. I also had a flat in England for seven years, and boy, that was -- well, it was great." -- Harry

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L.A. Magazine

Los Angeles Magazine
1888 Century Park East, Suite 920
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Tel: 310-557-7546
Fax: 310-277-9087

Los Angeles Times

See also: Los Angeles Times.

lost weekend

John Lennon's "lost weekend" was the period from the time he separated from Yoko Ono in 1973, until they were reconciled in 1975. It was during this period that John and Harry worked together on Pussy Cats.

John Lowe

Woodwind (Aerial Ballet)


Song by Little Richard

Gary Lund

Gary Lund illustrated the comic book included with The Point album.

Alfred Lustgarten

Violin (Aerial Ballet)

Jacqueline Lustgarten

Cello (Aerial Ballet)

Joy Lyle

Violin (...That's the Way It Is)