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Jerome J. Reisler

Violin (Aerial Ballet)

Scottie Jackson

Harry produced Jackson's recording of "Su-Kal-De-Don"

Mick Jagger

See also: http://www.stones.com/retro.

Dick James

Co-founder of Northern Songs

Harry James

Bandleader ("Harry James and His Big Band").

In the early 90's, Harry and his family moved to a seven-bedroom home in Hidden Hills. The Hidden Hills home was once owned by Harry James and his actress wife Betty Grable.

Peter Jameson

Guitar (...That's the Way It Is)

Jan and Dean

Before the Beach Boys there was Jan and Dean - Jan Berry and Dean O. Torrence.

See also: Jan and Dean Biography.

Rick Jarrard

Producer of Harry's earlier work such as Pandemonium Shadow Show. Asked how he got signed to RCA Harry said, "I was sitting in a coffee shop with a one-time collaborator, Sebastian Stores, and he said 'Hey, they’ve got a new A&R guy at RCA, Rick Jarrard. And he's under 50. Why don't you go over and see him?' I wasn't doing anything, so that afternoon, I picked up my guitar and went over to RCA and auditioned for Jarrard. I sang 'Without Her,' '1941,' and 'Don't Leave Me.' Jarrard said 'Great, that's enough. You've got a deal.' Albeit, he had some trouble convincing the guys on the top floor. They said 'Why do we need another singer/songwriter? We already have Rod McKuen.' Rick went over there heads and signed me anyway."

John Jarvis

Musician (Flash Harry)

Esquire Jauchem

Esquire Jauchem adapted Harry's The Point for the Boston Repertory Theater stage in 1975. The play was staged at the Mermaid Theatre in London in 1976 and 1977.

Jennifer Jayne

Screenwriter (Son of Dracula). Jay Fairbank, who wrote the screenplay for "Son of Dracula" is actually actress Jennifer Jayne (Jennifer Jones).

See also: Jennifer Jayne.


Jellyfish performs "Think About Your Troubles" on the For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson album.

See also: Jellyfish.

Gordon Jenkins

Arranger (A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night)


A 1969 film starring Alan Alda and Marlo Thomas. Harry's song "Waiting" appears in the film.

See also: Jenny (1969).

Howard Johnson

Songwriter ("Freckles")

Kirby Johnson

Arranger ("The Most Beautiful World In The World"), Arranger (Son of Schmilsson)

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson and The Roches perform "Spaceman" on the For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson album.

Plas Johnson

Woodwind (Aerial Ballet)

Rosamond Johnson

Songwriter ("Lazy Moon")

Isham Jone

Songwriter ("It Had to Be You")

Davy Jones

Singer for The Monkees.

See also: Monkees Home Page.

Freddie Jones

Co-star of Son of Dracula

Gloria Jones

"What's Your Sign" is a duet with Gloria Jones.

Jack Jones

Jack Jones recorded Harry's "Without Her."

Louis Jordan

Songwriter ("Early In The Morning")

Lawrence Juber

Guitarist. Juber was once a member of Wings. In recent concerts he has been playing a tribute song ("When Harry Got to Heaven") for Harry. Juber also appeared at Beatlefest conventions with Harry.

See also: Laurence Juber Page.


In the script for Jughead #1o5, the author, Nilsson fan Craig Boldman, inserted a reference to Harry Nilsson. A much more substantial homage to Harry (and Harry's fans) appeared in issue #108 which was sold in September, 1998. In the issue, Jughead tells a bedtime story about the "Hairyheads."

See also: Archie Comics.

Jerome Jumonville

Baritone Saxophone (Duit on Mon Dei, Flash Harry)