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Pete Ham

Songwriter ("Without You") and member of Badfinger.

See also: he Badfinger website endorsed by the estates of Pete Ham and Tom Evans Page.

Rosalie Hamlin

Songwriter ("Angel Baby")

Oscar Hammerstein II

Songwriter ("Make Believe")

George F. Handel

Songwriter ("Joy To the World")

Abigale Haness

Choir, Chrus (...That's the Way It Is)

E. Y. Harburg

Songwriter ("It's Only a Paper Moon")

Robert Hardaway

Woodwind (Aerial Ballet)

Oliver Hardy

Actor. Oliver Hardy makes a brief appearance in the video for "Loneliness."

See also: Oliver Hardy.

Leigh Harline

Songwriter ("When You Wish Upon a Star")

Herbie Harper

Horn (...That's the Way It Is)

See also: Herbie Harper.

Monalisa Harrington

Choir, Chorus (...That's the Way It Is)

George Harrison

Singer, Composer, Movie Producer. George was a friend of Harry's. He plays slide guitar on Son of Schmilsson.

See also: Yahoo's Harrison Links.


Harryhead is the term that the participants in the Harry Nilsson Mailing List have chosen to describe themselves and other devoted Nilsson fans. The more academic-sounding term "Schmilssonians" has also been suggested.

George Harrysong

George Harrison. Slide Guitar (Son of Schmilsson)

Allan Harshman

Viola (...That's the Way It Is)

Alex Harvey

Songwriter ("I'll Take a Tango")

Mike Hatcher

Engineer (Stop and Smell the Roses)

Hatlelid Foundation

Publisher ("Battle Of The Bands")

Hawkeye Entertainment

Hawkeye is the name of the company Harry formed to produce music, movies, books, and TV shows.

Lee Hazelwood

Songwriter ("Best Move")

He Spins Around

Bob Segarini wrote the song "He Spins Around" about Harry.

Hugh Hefner

Founder and publisher of Playboy magazine.

See also: Hugh Hefner.

Bruce Heighley

The narrator of the The Presence of Christmas album.


The Beatles second feature film.

See also: Help!.

Grover Helsley

Recording Engineer (Aerial Ballet, Harry, Nilsson Sings Newman)

Dick Hendler

Dick Hendler provided the cover illustration for Aerial Ballet and was a graphics consultant for Harry.

Cliff Hess

Songwriter ("Freckles")

Bobby Heyes

Musician (Flash Harry). This is actually Bobby Keyes - his name is spelled wrong on the cover of Flash Harry


Songwriter ("Early In The Morning")

Hidden Hills

In the early 1990s, Harry and his family moved to a seven-bedroom home in Hidden Hills. The Hidden Hills home was once owned by bandleader Harry James and his actress wife Betty Grable.

James E. Hock, Jr.

Former president and CEO of Hawkeye Entertainment

Doug Hoefer

Harry's cousin. Doug plays percussion on the ...That's the Way It Is album and snare drum on Harry's recording of "Subterranean Homesick Blues.

Dustin Hoffman

Actor. Hoffman narrated The Point when it first aired on ABC TV.

See also: Dustin Hoffman.

Brian Holland

Songwriter ("A Love Like Yours")

Ed Holland

Songwriter ("A Love Like Yours")

Milt Holland

Percussion (Pandemonium Shadow Show, Son of Schmilsson)

Hollis Music

Publisher ("Zombie Jamboree (Back to Back)")

Buddy Holly

Singer, Songwriter. Harry ended up sharing a songwriting credit with Buddy Holly. While recording some demos for Scott Turner," Harry helped finish the song "My Baby's Coming Home" which Turner had written with Buddy Holly.

See also: Buddy Holly Page.

Hollywood United Methodist Church

In 1991, a revival of The Point (stage) was presented at the Chapel Court Theater of the Hollywood United Methodist Church.


Hookfoot members Caleb Quaye, Roger Pope and Ian Duck appear on Nilsson Schmilsson.

Mary Hopkin

Harry wrote "The Puppy Song" for Mary Hopkin.

Nicky Hopkins

Piano (Son of Schmilsson)

Jim Horn

Saxophone (Pussy Cats, ...That's the Way It Is, Flash Harry)

Flute (Aerial Ballet)

See also: Jim Horn Pages.

Will Hough

Songwriter ("I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now")

House of Hits Productions, Ltd.

See also: http://www.houseofhits.com/catalog/hn.html.

Gordon Howard Marrow

Violin (Duit on Mon Dei)

Joseph E. Howard

Songwriter ("I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now")

Mark Hudson

Hudson produced Harry's last recording sessions.

Dick Hugg

("Huggy Boy") - DJ at an all-black radio station which Harry listened to as a teenager.

Herman Hupfeld

Songwriter ("As Time Goes By")

Matt Hurwitz

Publisher of the Beatles's fanzine, Good Day Sunshine

Harry Hyams

Viola (...That's the Way It Is)

Richard Hyde

Baritone Horn (Aerial Ballet), Bass Trombone (Aerial Ballet)