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Rollice Dale

Viola (...That's the Way It Is)

See also: Rollice Dale Credits.

Luis Damian

Musician (Flash Harry)

See also: Luis Damian Credits.

Joe Darensbourg

Horn (...That's the Way It Is)

See also: Joe Darensbourg Credits.

David Hale and Associates, Inc.

In 1987, Hawkeye Entertainment acquired David Hale and Associates, a Los Angeles-based advertising agency.

Jesse Ed Davis

Guitar (Pussy Cats, ...That's the Way It Is)

See also: Jesse Ed Davis Credits.


In the ;ate 1990s, DCC re-issued Harry and The Point on CD in the US with bonus tracks.

See also: DCC Web Site.

Joey Deaguero

Mirimbas (Duit on Mon Dei)

Mike Deasy

Guitar (Pandemonium Shadow Show)

See also: Mike Deasy Credits.

Deep In The Heart

(aka "Hand Gun") A 1983 film directed by Terry Garnett and starring Karen Young. Harry's version of "Lay Down Your Arms" plays during the closing credits.

See also: Deep In The Heart.

Vincent DeRosa

French Horn (...That's the Way It Is)

See also: Vincent DeRosa Credits.

Did Somebody Drop His Mouse?

The title of an unfinished documentary on the making of the Son of Schmilsson album.

The Difference

A May, 1995, episode of Todd Rundgren's radio show, The Difference features an interview with Al Kooper who discusses the For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson album. Harry's version of "One" is played as is Randy Newman's performance of "Remember (Christmas)."

See also: "The Difference" Companion.

Doug Dillard

Banjo (Duit on Mon Dei, Popeye)

One of The Falcons which recorded the basic tracks for the Popeye soundtrack. He also played "Clem" in the film.

See also: Doug Dillard Credits.


The Dillards recorded Harry's "Rainmaker."

See also: Dillards.

Charles Dinwiddie

Saxophone (Duit on Mon Dei)

See also: Charles Dinwiddie Credits.


The record label which issued the For Our Children album.

See also: Walt Disney Home Page.

Willie Dixon

Songwriter ("Too Many Cooks")

See also: Willie Dixon.

Dr. John

Singer, songwriter, piano player. See Mac Rebennack.

See also: Dr. John.

George Doering

Songwriter ("First Impressions Main Theme")

Peter Doggett

Doggett wrote the liner notes for the Nilsson '62 - The Debut Sessions album.

See also: Peter Doggett Credits.


Nilsson Sings Newman was the first album recorded using two-track Dolby at RCA.

See also: Dolby Laboratories.

Micky Dolenz

Singer, Actor. Dolenz starred with Davy Jones in the stage version of The Point.

See also: Micky Dolenz Biography.

Walter Donaldson

Songwriter ("Makin' Whoopee!")

Doobie Brothers

According to a 1998 article in the Hollywood Reporter, Harry's Hawkeye Entertainment planned to produce a 90-minute Doobie Brothers retrospective for TV.

See also: Official Doobie Brothers Web Page.

Dooky Chase

Resturant mentioned in "Early In The Morning":
I went to Dooky Chase
To get me something to eat
The waitress looked at me and said
'Harry you sure look beat' .

See also: Leah Chase.

Charlie Dore

Dore sings "Harry" with Eric Idle on Harry's Flash Harry album. She had a hit in the 1980's with "Pilot Of The Airwaves."

See also: Charlie Dore.

Chip Douglas

A member of the Modern Folk Quartet and producer for The Monkees.

See also: Chip Douglas Credits.

Dove Audio

The Presence of Christmas is distributed by Dove Audio.

See also: Dove Audio Online.

Lamont Dozier

Songwriter ("A Love Like Yours")

See also: Lamont Dozier Credits.

Raphael Dramer

Cello (...That's the Way It Is)

Assa Drori

Violin (...That's the Way It Is)

See also: Assa Drori Credits.

Martin M. Drystall

Tenor Saxophone (Duit on Mon Dei)

Duchess Music

Publisher ("Waiting")

Ian Duck

Guitar (Nilsson Schmilsson)

See also: Ian Duck Credits.

David Duke

French Horn (Aerial Ballet, ...That's the Way It Is)

See also: David Duke Credits.

Dunbar Music

Publisher ("Girlfriend")

Donald "Duck" Dunn

Bassist (Flash Harry). Dunn has played bass for the Mar-Keys, Booker T and the M-Gs, and the Blues Brothers.

See also: Donald "Duck" Dunn Biography.

Dusty and Sweets McGee

Harry contributed "Don't Leave Me" to the soundtrack of Dusty and Sweets McGee.

See also: Dusty and Sweets McGee (1971).

Shelly Duvall

Actor (Popeye).

See also: Shelly Duvall.

Bob Dylan

Singer, Songwriter ("Subterranean Homesick Blues"). Former Zimmerman.

See also: Bob Dylan.


RCA's revolutionary new material for LPs which saved RCA a bundle in manufacturing costs, but was the bane of recording engineers and LP listeners.

Form the rec.music.collecting.vinyl and rec.music.marketplace.vinyl FAQ:

Dynaflex. Ultra-thin pressings of high-grade Virgin Vinyl introduced by RCA Victor in late 1969. Although considered crap by most collectors because they do not seem flat when held, they actually have much quieter surfaces then most of the popular records pressed by RCA in the mid-to-late-1960s due to the extraordinarily high percentage of Re-grind Vinyl used in all but its Red Seal, Vintage Series, and Original Cast pressings. Dynaflex was also less prone to breakage and permanent warpage in shipment. Its lighter weight reduced shipping costs and allowed for the use of a higher grade of Vinyl because less material was required. They were supposed to lie flat on the turntable due to their own weight, but RCA forgot that many people had changers with 8-inch turntables!

See also: http://houseofmusic.com/faqvinl3.htm.