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Friends of Jadebox

Kevin Baldwin's K&K Productions Page
K & K Productions is involved in many different things, but all for the same ultimate goal - to provide quality theatre workshop programs for both young persons and adults. Within these pages you'll learn about K & K's Theatre Arts Programs and Trading Card/Comics Business, whose proceeds are re-invested back into the theatre program, and vice-versa.

Zak Nilsson's Xaqtly Music

Zak Nilsson's Home Page

Roger Smith's Personal Home Page

Roger Smith's Home Page

Hard to Categorize

Mandel's "Those Snazzy 70's - The Music According to Me" Page
The seventies was the "me" decade so it is only fitting that Mandel is able to specifically identify the single greatest musical artist of the decade.

Music Industry Pages

ASCAP Listing for Harry


BMI Listing for Harry

Music Reference Pages

Legacy Links
Sixties Rock and Roll Links

The Ultimate Band List

An extensive index to pages about music artists

Other Nilsson Pages

Lee Carter's Beatles Page
Includes a photo from the 1991 L.A. Beatlefest of Harry giving Lee's son, Brandon, a balloon.

Harry Nilsson Home Page

The page includes some photos of Harry at the 1983

Harry Goes to the Movies

A list of Harry's songs used in films.

Harry Nilsson

Doug Grose's Nilsson Page

HarryMusic - Music and Musings from Marc Harry - Harry Nilsson

Marc Harry talks about Harry Nilsson.

HarryMusic - Music and Musings from Marc Harry - How Harry Met Harry

Marc Harry recounts his meeting with Harry Nilsson.

Kenta's Nilsson Reviews (Japanese)

Reviews of Harry's albums. I can't read Japanese, but these pages sure look nice.

Nilsson Sings Newman

Buddha's Nilsson Sings Newman Web Page

Nilsson Sings Newman

Review of Buddha's Nilsson Sings Newman reissue

Oblio's Home Page and The Land of Point

Todd Rosenfelt's web page includes the story of Oblio as well as a list of Oblioisms.

One Last Touch of Nilsson

Bruce Ansley's "One Last Touch of Nilsson" Page with Andrea Sheridan's Discography

Doug Powell

Powell's debut album Ballad of the Tin Men is receiving good reviews (and his web page contains a link to these Nilsson Web pages!). His music has invited comparisons with Todd Rundgren, Marshall Crenshaw, and Elvis Costello. So, he's an artist worth checking out!

Pussy Cats

Review of Pussy Cats

Pussy Cats

Review of Buddha's Pussy Cats reissue

Pussy Cats

Pussy Cats LP Information

Pussy Cats

Buddha's Pussy Cats Web Page

Son of Dracula

Son of Dracula LP Information

The Point!

The Point! Web Page by a University of Washington Student

Robert Whorton's Harry Nilsson Pages

This page features a short biography and many nice pictures of Harry.

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