Harryfest '98
June 12-14th, 1998

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June 17

On Wednesday morning we took my brother to LAX for his flight back to Crestview, Florida. His flight was cancelled, but (being the good, kind, caring, big brother I am) we left him to fend for himself. And we went to Marina Del Rey.

We had lunch in Fisherman's Village then took a boat tour of the marina.

We saw them filming Baywatch in the marina. This is a picture of the camera boat as it passed by.

After the boat tour, we drove up the coast - stopping for a while in Santa Monica at the pier. Then we went to Fairfax to find some Schmaltz Herring for Bracha's ema. Canter's deli (as seen inside the Harry album cover) let us down, but we found jars of it at another store a few doors down.

After visiting Fairfax, we drove around looking at some of the big houses up in the mountains. Brooke recoginized a home in Beverly Hills and said "I know who lives there." So we stopped. It was the home of friends of her's who she hadn't seen in ten years. They didn't seem to mind at all that we dropped in on them unannounced and we spent hours talking. Finally we headed to the airport for our 11pm flight back home.

The flight was uneventful and we arrived back in Orlando at 7am.

Thus ends our Harryfest adventure. I can't believe how wonderful everything was and how well things worked out. It was such a pleasure meeting old friends and making new ones. Can we do this again next week?

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