Harryfest '98
June 12-14th, 1998

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June 13

This is Elaine and my friend, Bracha, getting things ready for the film festival.

Sue's balloons decorated the ballroom where we held the "film festival."

Here's Sue and I introducing the film festival. Sue showed parts of the Dutch play about Harry (while Rinus translated the spoken parts). Then Sue went to help set up the other ballroom for dinner (she put a lot of work into this weekend - thanks Sue!) while I showed the first BBC special, the Smothers Brothers appearance (the one I hadn't seen), Harry's verbose Grammy speech, then the second BBC special.

The ballroom was decorated with items from Curtis's collection.

After the film presentations we went into a different ballroom for dinner. In this room Andrea and John Sheridan set up an impressive display of thier Nilsson memoribilia.

Here's me standing up front to thank Sue, Elaine, and Curtis for bringing us together.

Andrea and John donated a few nice things which we raffled off to raise money for the Coalition. Here Bruce Ansley collects his Knnillssonn promotional mask.

We invited one of the smallest Harryheads to pick the winners of the raffle.

Rinus de Man of the Netherlands won a copy of a book about music stars's homes which features Harry's Bel Air house.

Chris Hahn stuffed the raffle box and won three items including two of the highly-prized Nilsson Web Pages t-shirts!

Sue also won a t-shirt. She now owns one for each day of the week.

Mark Richardson from the UK also won a shirt.

Terry Thome won a copy of the issue of Architectural Digest which featured Harry's Bel Air home.

I didn't take any pictures of us eating dinner. So here's one from breakfast the next morning. Pretend like George Kaufman and Brandon Edwards are eating chicken and roast beef instead of eggs and bacon (just coffee for George).

After dinner we went to the Roxy for the tribute concert. Here's Zak, Leslie, and Elaine just before the show started.

This is me with Lee Newman just before the show. Lee played Oblio in the 1991 version of the play based on "The Point!" at the Chapel Court Theater.

The concert opened with a terrific performance of selections from The Point! by three children.

I don't have digital pictures of all the performers (and the ones I do have didn't come out well). But I did take a lot of film pictures and hope to have them on the web soon.

Here's Sue's friend Bill Martin imitating Charlton Heston - the newly elected president of the NRA. He also told a story from a project which he worked on with Harry and Timothy Leary.

I apologize that I don't have more digital pictures from the concert. But I'll tell you some more about the show. I'm not going to list all the acts and songs right now, but I will later. I'll just mention that Laurence Juber played "When Harry Got to Heaven." I was proud to see him there because I contacted him to let him know about the concert. Victoria Williams performed "The Puppy Song." Andrew Sandoval, who was a featured guest at Curtis's party, performed "1941" and joined the house band on guitar to back up others. Ann Magnuson stole the show with her versions of "Remember" and "Coconut" - more on that later.

The show ended with Brandon Cruz's enthusiastic versions of "Gotta Get Up" and "Best Friend". (Brandon's new CD contains a version of "Best Friend" with Harry on piano). I promise to say more about the show later!

After the show, I spent a dime for a coconut - and another for a lime.

Ann Magnuson will be in the film "Small Soldiers" which opens soon. She's really a fan of Harry's and said she was so happy to be asked to appear in the show. Kathy McCarty also came out to greet us and tell us of her love of Harry's music.

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