Harryfest '98
June 12-14th, 1998

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June 12

Here I am with one of the first of our "international" guests - Mark Richardson from England.

Elaine, Curtis's wife, welcomes Mark and Randy to the Harryfest '98 Kickoff Party at the Armstrong home.

Sue makes an announcement as Elaine records a video for Curtis. You can see one of the great balloons Sue brought just above Mark's head.

Brandon Cruz had some great stories to share about his releationship with Harry. Harry took Brandon to a Leon Russel concert when Brandon was about eight. It was the first concert which Brandon attended and it left quite an impression on him.

Brandon is now an editor for the animated TV series, South Park, which airs on Comedy Central.

Harry's cousin, Doug Hoefer, shares a few words with Sue's friend, Bill Martin. Doug spent a lot of time talking individually with Harry's fans then introduced and showed "Did Somebody Drop His Mouse."

Here's Sue and I with Bill "The Bear" Martin. It was Bill who filled the bear suit for the photos inside the Harry album cover. He told us that he was in the bear suit for hours under hot photo lights - and that the bear suit was crafted from an actual bear. After wearing the suit for hours, Bill said it took days before his friends stopped asking "what's that smell?"

Curtis was there in spirit!

Zak; Curtis's friend, Chuck; Elaine; and the virtual Curtis ....

I wish I had more digital pictures to put on the web right now. But I did take a lot of film photos I will share later. The evening began with us arriving and introducing ourselves to each other. Then we had a buffet style dinner. After dinner, Andrew Sandoval played an amazing tape of Harry auditioning songs for the Monkees. We took a few more minutes to talk to each other then we went downstairs where Doug Hoefer played a video tape of "Did Somebody Drop His Mouse?" Here's a picture of part of the audience watching "Did Somebody Drop His Mouse?"

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