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"You Canít Bank on Nilsson Anymore"

Song Hits
February 1968

One-page article with general biography


Rolling Stone
#17 September 14, 1968

Includes a review of Nilsson.


Lorainne Alterman
GO Magazine
August 23, 1968

Lorainne Alterman's column is about Harry Nilsson.

"unknown title"

Vol. 3 #7 September 1968

Includes an article about Nilsson

"Nilsson, Randy Newman, Gordon Alexander - Bittersweet Romantics in a Hard Rock Candyland"

Tom Nolan
December 1968

Five-page article on three young songwriters bucking the current hard rock trends by writing with romantic sentimentality.

Nilsson Together

1969 (?)

Songbook with 13 songs including "Without Her" and "One." 46 pages. Many family photographs.


Volume 19 Number 6 May 1969

Includes an article about Harry.


Flip Magazine
August 1969

Teen magazine includes an article about Nilsson.

"Everybodyís Talkiní About Harry Nilsson"

Lewis Segal
Entertainment World
December 5, 1969

Harry is on the cover. Four-page article/interview covering Nilssonís involvement in records, television and films through the production of Nilsson Sings Newman.

"Nilsson Sings Randy Newman"

Jacoba Atlas
Melody Maker
December 27, 1969

An article about Nilsson Sings Newman.

"(Nilsson) And Newman"

David McReynolds

"Nilsson Sings Newman/Randy Newman: 12 Songs"

Jim Brodey
April 1, 1970

"Randy Newman And Harry Nilsson"

James Lichtenberg
April 10, 1971

"Harry Nilssonís Talkiní"

Richard Robinson
Hit Parader
June 1970

Five-page interview with several pictures

"Two Solo Troubadours"

July 13, 1970

Profile of Randy Newman and Harry.

Seventeen Magazine

Seventeen Magazine
August 1970

Includes an article about Harry Nilsson

TV Magazine

Washington DC Star

August 16, 1970

TV Magazine from the Washington DC Star with Robert Foxworth on the cover. Includes an article about Harry Nilsson.

Defiled: After Dark Portfolio

Editors of After Dark
Danad Publishing

Contains graphic and explicit photographs of many celebrities including Harry Nilsson.

The Now Composers

West Coast
1972 (?)

Songbook containing songs by Randy Newman, Kris Kristofferson, and Harry Nilsson. Nilsson's songs include "Without Her", "One", "Me And My Arrow", "Don't Leave Me", "I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City", "Together", "Sleep Late My Lady Friend", and "The Story Of Rock And Roll".

"Harry Nilsson - A Category of His Own"

Ron Ross
February 28, 1972

Slightly over one-newspaper-style-page article focusing on the creation of the Nilsson Schmilsson album and Nilssonís opinion of other current music

"Harry Nilsson Seen as the Ghost of a Romantic Future"

Robert Beers
March 5, 1972

One-newspaper-style-page article focusing on the difference between Nilssonís career as a recording artist and the job of a live performer

"The Secret Identity of Harry Nilsson"

Janis Schacht
June 1972

"Outside the studio Harry Nilsson is ill at ease. He hates to answer questions, hates to perform. Does anybody know what he likes?" Harry discusses his career and the new album, Nilsson Schmilsson.


Playgirl Magazine
July 1972

Includes an article about Harry Nilsson and a phot of him.


Rolling Stone Magazine
#115 August 17, 1972

Includes a review of Nilsson.

Harry Nilsson, Nilsson Schmilsson

Harry Nilsson
Blackwood Music/Big Bells

Song book with 95 pages of words and music (mostly) by Nilsson. Arranged for voice and piano, with chord symbols. Includes plans and drawings by Buckminster Fuller.

"Inside Pop Records"

Time Magazine
February 12, 1973

Harry is featured on the cover of the February 12, 1973, issue of Time Magazine.

Nilsson Tells All

Record Mirror
April 7, 1973

UK magazine with article called "Nilsson Tells All."

"Harry Nilsson: American Success Story"

Robert Kimball and Abigail Kuflik
Stereo Review
September 1973

Terrific eight-page article covering Nilssonís career through the production of A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night

"Review of Nilsson"

October 11, 1973

Includes a review of a Nilsson album.

Son of Dracula: Music from the Apple Film

1974 (?)

Songbook featuring songs from "Son of Dracula"

"Singer In the Shadows"

The Story of Pop
Part 27

The Story of Pop magazines were companians to a BBC radio series of the same name. The cover issue 27 of the series is a drawing of Harry and John Lennon. The magazine was published prior to Harry and John working together on Pussy Cats. Later, the magazine's cover illustration was used for the cover of Edsel's CD reissue of Pussy Cats.


Rolling Stone Magazine
#159 April 25, 1974

Includes a story about John Lennon and Harry Nilsson's exploits during John's "Lost Weekend."

The Monster Times

June 1974

Magazine includes an ad for "Son of Dracula."

The Super Stars

1974 (?)

Contains photo and article about Harry.

"Dracula Schmacula"

Tom Dupree
Zoo World Magazine
June 6, 1974

An article about the premier of Son of Dracula.

"Sucked Up By The Meatheads"

Henry Edwards
August 1974

Scathing one-and-one-half-page review of the movie Son of Dracula.

"Harry Nilsson - Do You Want to Know a Secret?"

John Swenson
September 1974

Five-page article focusing on rumors of a Beatles reunion with Nilsson replacing Paul McCartney


Rolling Stone
September 26, 1974

Photo of Harry with John Lennon.

"Ringo-Movie Star"

Hank Fish
Hit Parader
October 1974

An article about the premeir of Son of Dracula in Atlanta.

"Wild About Harry"

The Superstars
Number 1 1975

Article about Harry Nilsson.

"Playboy Mansion West"

January 1975

Features a photo of Harry and Ringo at the Playboy mansion.

"Nilsson - Drunk with John, George, Ringo and ..."

Adam Block
July 1975

Three-page interview on general subjects.


Harry Nilsson
Popular Music Magazine
Volume 3 Number 5 August/September 1975

Harry Nilsson's "Remember" is included in this collection of sheet music.

"Nilsson - Dracula Meets the Sandman"

A. J. Morgan
October 1975

Three-page article with general biography and review of the Sandman album.



Songbook with songs from the Sandman album. 67 pages. Softcover. Songs:

  • I'll Take a Tango
  • Something True
  • Pretty Soon There Will Be Nothing Left for Anybody
  • The Ivy Covered Walls
  • Here's Why I Did Not Go To Work Today
  • The Flying Saucer Song
  • How To Write a Song
  • Jesus Christ You're Tall
  • Will She Miss Me

Inlcudes 5 full-page b&w photos and a short article about Nilsson.

"Letter from Harry Nilsson's Mother"

January 20, 1976

Includes a lettter from Harry's mother.

"Me and My Arrow"

Harry Nilsson
Popular Music Magazine
Volume 4 Number 4 June/July 1976

Harry Nilsson's "Me And My Arrow" is included in this collection of sheet music.

"Harried Nilsson: Leave it to Beaver!"

Timothy White
August 1976

Two-page article/interview discussing the more recent and less popular Nilsson albums.

"That's the Way It Is"

Ken Tucker
Rolling Stone Magazine
August 12, 1976

Review of ...That's the Way It Is. "He is aiming at the gut more than the heart these days, and ...That's the Way It Is hits its target often enough to make it a good record."

"This is Pop - Pop 'n' Roll With Bob Segarini"

Cameron Carpenter
The New Music Magazine
March 1979

An article about Bob Segarini.

Popeye: Souvenir Vocal Selections

Harry Nilsson
Hansen House [Miami Beach]
0-8494-0475-4 1980

Song lyrics and photos from Popeye. The book has 64 pages of lyrics, and 8 pages of photos (some in color).


Popeye: The Movie Novel

Richard J. Anobile


Includes lyrics of Harry's songs.

Anne Murray - The Story So Far

David Livingstone
0-13-037697-3 1981

Includes photo at Troubador with Lennon, Nilsson and Dolenz.jpg

"The Slightly Warped Pop(eye) of Harry Nilsson"

Barry Alfonso
March 1981

Outstanding seven-page article/interview on Nilssonís career and songwriting techniques. Nilsson is on the cover.

"Son of Interview Schminterview"

Lou OíNeill
Good Day Sunshine
#11 September/October 1982

One-page interview dealing with Nilssonís Beatle-ties.

"A Wee Dose of Nilsson for the Road"

Glenn A. Baker
May 11, 1984

One-and-one-half-page interview covering various points in Nilssonís career.

Fifty Years Adrift (in an Open Knecked Shirt)

Derek Taylor, George Harrison

Harry wrote the "Backward"

Sex & Drugs &Rock 'n' Roll

Bobcat Books

Many black and white photographs. Printed in Austria. Paperback, 96 pages; overall size 9" x 11 1/2".

From the Introduction:

Rock and Roll has always been about sex and drugs and having fun; a rebellion against the establishment; an adolescent kick in the face of authority; an expression of sexual freedom and an art form free from the restraints of The Academy. The music business always knew it and, except in the 50s, was never adverse to using sex to shift product. The musicians and stars have usually gone along with this and this book shows some of the hilarious results as big business confronts anarchy. The aim of the book is solely to amuse and entertain and we would like to thank all those photographers and agencies who helped us put it together.
Of course, Harry earns both a mention and a photograph.

"Hawkeye Outs Its CEO; Songwriter Nilsson to Stand In"

Keith Bradsher
Los Angeles Times
August, 1987

James E. Hock, Jr. is removed as CEO of Hawkeye Entertainment and Harry steps in.

"Hock Exits CEO Post at Hawkeye"

Hollywood Reporter
August 5, 1987

"Nilsson Acting Hawkeye Chief"

Daily Variety
August 5, 1987

"Hawkeye's 'Obits' Awaits Lensing"

Jane Lieberman
Hollywood Reporter

Hawkeye Entertainment plans to begin filming Obits in Spring, 1989. The $4.500,000 black comedy is based on a story by Roger Watkins with the screenplay by Harry. The article also describes Hawkeye's agreement to produce the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror's annual Saturn Awards and the production of a 90-minute Doobie Brothers retrospective for TV.

A Liar's Autobiography

Graham Chapman
Dove Books on Tape, Inc.
1-55800-120-4 1989

Graham Chapman reads from his own autobiography, two cassette tapes, 182 minutes; Graham Chapman shares stories about his years with Monty Python, his days as a doctor, as well as his alcohol dependency. Produced by Harry's Hawkeye Entertainment.

"Keith Moon Remembered"

Musician Magazine
July 1989

Harry is quoted in the article.

Robert Altman : Jumping Off the Cliff

Patrick McGilligan
St Martins Press
0312026366 1989

Includes a discussion of the making of Popeye.

"Comeback Schumback"

Michael Szymanski
Los Angeles Magazine
October 1990

In this 1990 interview, Harry is optimistic about the future and reveals many of his plans.


Masters of Rock Magazine
Volume 1 Number 2 1991

Includes an interview with Harry Nilsson.

Ticket to Ride

Denny Somach, Kathleen Somach, Kevin Gunn
William Morrow and Company
0688103847 1991

A book based on the "Ticket to Ride" radio hosted by Scott Muni. The book contains an interview with Tommy Smothers in which he relates his side of the (in)famous Troubadour incident.

"Nilsson Able to Make His 'Point' Again"

Lynne Heffley
Los Angeles Times
September 9, 1991

This article describes the new presentation of The Point (stage) at the Chapel Court Theater in Hollywood.

"'Grass' is Mow Better"

Clive Barnes
New York Post
October 29, 1993

A review of Paul Taylor's A Field of Grass dance. Barnes describes Harry Nilsson as "a Harry Chapin who never wrote his 'Cat's in the Cradle.'"

"'Grass': The Aging of Aquarius"

Terry Teachout
New York Daily News
October 29, 1993

A review of Paul Taylor's A Field of Grass dance.

"The Taylor, In Wedding of Darkness and Light"

Jennifer Dunning
New York Times
October 29, 1993

A review of Paul Taylor's A Field of Grass dance.

"Blast from a Bell-Bottomed Past"

Janice Berman
New York Newsday
October 30, 1993

A review of Paul Taylor's A Field of Grass dance.

"Past Recall"

Tobi Tobias
New York Magazine
November 15, 1993

A review of Paul Taylor's A Field of Grass dance.


E. J. Gold
Heidelberg Editions International

Prose © 1994 by Harry Nilsson
Art © 1994 by E.J. Gold

"Licensed by Harry Nilsson and produced for the Moonbeam Show by Heidelberg Editions International."

Contains photos of Harry reading the book before its posthumous release at the Gallery of Functional Art in 1994.

Full color illustrations E. J. Gold.

Heidelberg Editions International Hardcover Limited Edition; Harry Nilsson Text/illustrator: E.J. Gold; Small Folio, 34 color fullpage illustrations; 8 1/2" x 11".

Limited edition of 250 Copies.

Handmade French Marbled Endpapers; handsomely gold-embossed on cover and spine; Richly printed.

"Grammy Winner Harry Nilsson Dies"

Carlos V. Lazano
Los Angeles Times
January 16, 1994

"Harry Nilsson, Songwriter, Dies"

Hollywood Reporter
January 17, 1994

"Obituary - Harry Nilsson"

Adam Sandler
Daily Variety
January 17, 1994

"Obituary: Harry Nilsson"

Chris Salewicz
The Independent
January 17, 1994

"Saturday Letters - Harry Nilsson"

Steve Kemp
Los Angeles Times
January 22, 1994

A short letter to the editor from Steve Kemp: "Am I the only one who found the coverage of the passing of Harry Nilsson to less than skimpy? Goodbye, Harry. Thanks for some incredible music. I'm going to miss you a lot."

"Obituary: Harry Nilsson"

Randy Newman
The Independent
January 28, 1994

Newman's response to the obituary by Chris Salewicz from The Independent, January 17, 1994.

"Nilsson Lives On in Three New Releases"

Don Jeffrey
Billboard Magazine
January 29, 1994

Includes comments by Mark Hudson concerning Daddy's Got a Brown New Robe.

"Field of Dreams"

Robert Greskovic
Dance Magazine
Vol. LXVIII No. 2 February 1994

A review of Paul Taylor's A Field of Grass dance.


Record Collector Magazine
#175 March 1994

"Pin-up" photo of Harry Nilsson on back cover.

"Harry Nilsson 1941-1991"

Glenn Kenny
Rolling Stone Magazine
March 10, 1994

Tribute to Harry.

"Remembering Harry"

Andrea T. Sheridan
Good Day Sunshine
#73 Spring 1994

Wonderfully touching two-and-a-half-page tribute focusing on the personal life of Nilsson.

"One Last Touch of Nilsson"

Dawn Eden
Goldmine Magazine
Vol. 20 No. 9 Issue 359 April 29, 1994

An excellent article featuring Harry's last interview. See: One Last Touch of Nilsson.

"The Boy Who Always Said No"

Harry Nilsson
Galaxy Magazine
Galaxy #2

A short story by Harry.

And Then I Wrote: The Songwriter Speaks

Tom Russell and Sylvia Tyson
Arsenal Pulp Press (Vancouver, B.C., Canada)
1551520230 1996 [Buy]

A collection of quotes loosely categorized. There are only five by Harry but some nice ones from other songwriters (like John Lennon, Randy Newman, etc.).

"A Special Report: Rock Remembers"

David E. Brady
Los Angeles Times Valley Edition
March 27, 1995

A look at lost rock legends who have some connection with "the Valley."

"Beatles News"

Matt Hurwitz
Good Day Sunshine
#76 Spring 1995

Two-page article about the release of Personal Best - The Harry Nilsson Anthology and For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson.

Freestyle: The New Architecture and Interior Design from Los Angeles

Tim Street-Porter
Stewart Tabori & Chang
1556703953 May 1975 [Buy]

Tim Street-Porter's Freestyle ushers readers into the revolutionary houses of a group of provocative architects and designers, including Frank Gehry, Eric Moss, and Peter Shire. 260 color photos including a photo of Harry's Bel Air home (designed by Eugene Kupper).

"Harry Nilsson: An Appreciation"

Rush Evans
May 1995

Another very good nine-page article covering Nilssonís career. Includes a limited discography.

"In Memoriam: Harry Nilsson - Pandemonium Shadow Show"

Wally Podrazik
#87 1996

One-page tribute article.

Meet the Beatles Ö Again!

Denny Somach and Ken Sharp
Musicom International Publishing

Subtitled "A Collection of Memories and Comments From Today's Most Influential Personalities And the Fab Four Themselves" this book features quotes from and photos of the Rolling Stones, Who, Bowie, REM, Kiss, Beach Boys, Lenny Kravitz, Kinks, Harry Nilsson, Yoko Ono, George Martin, Cheap Trick, and many others. 154 pages.

"A Touch of Harry"

Spencer Leigh
Record Collector
No. 199 March 1996

An in-depth review of Harry's albums.

"Harry Nilsson"

Record Collector
No. 199 March 1996

A brief biography.

"For the Love of Harry"

Willie Morgan
Record Collector
No. 199 March 1996

An interview with Al Kooper about the For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson album.

"The Nilsson Interview"

Ken Sharp
Record Collector
No. 199 March 1996

An interview with Harry recorded at a Beatlefest.

Everybody's Talkin'

Roger Smith
April, 1994, to Present

A quarterly newsletter for fans of Harry Nilsson. See: Everybody's Talkin'.

TV's Biggest Hits

Jon Burlingame
Schirmer Books
0028703243 1996 [Buy]

Discusses Harry's theme for "The Courtship of Eddie's Father." The Nilsson section lasts all of two pages, but it fills in a part of Harry's career that has been heretofore relegated to a TV trivia question. Harry did discuss "Eddie's Father" during a career retrospective radio broadcast a couple of years before his death, but this book tells the story from the perspective of producer James Komack, who picked Harry for the job. Brief as it is, a valuable contribution to the Nilsson literature.

The Greatest Rock & Roll Stories

Art Fein and John Tobler
General Pub Group
188164975X 1996

Harry figures in two stories in this book, both Lennon-related. The Troubador incident is rehashed with little regard for the truth. Then Mr. Fein relies on the "Lies of Albert Goldman" to retell the famous "Harry and John going to RCA during Harry's contract negotiations" story. If you read this book, be sure to wash your hands afterwards.

West Coast Story


This book about west coast music of the '60s includes some words about Harry Nilsson. B&W and Color photos. 96 pages.

Songwriters on Songwriting : The Expanded Version

Paul Zollo
Da Capo Press
0306807777 September 1, 1997 [Buy]

Several songwriters including Van Dyke Parks, Randy Newman and Harry talk about songwriting.

"The Pussy Cats"

Dave Thompson
Goldmine Magazine
#451 November 1, 1997

A look back at the collaboration between John Lennon and Harry.

Harry & Me

E. J. Gold


A limited edition (1) shown at Harryfest 1998, the book includes hundreds of Gold's photos of Harry from 1967-68 up to Christmas of 1993.

Beatles Undercover

Kristofer Englehardt
Collector's Guide Pub
1896522432 1998

Beatles Undercover by Kristofer Engelhardt is an anthology of all the artists the Beatles, either collectively or individually, recorded with, wrote for, and produced. Each artist's tracks have excellent session listings. The section on Harry is very accurate and lovingly written (10 pages) with a photograph of the author and Harry at Beatlefest in 1982.

The Nilsson Anthology

Warner Brothers Publications
0769275087 August 1999

Twenty-five of Harry's best songs arranged for guitar and piano. Includes many photographs and an introduction by A. Lee Blackman. The songs included are:

  • All I Think About Is You
  • Best Friend
  • Coconut
  • Cuddly Toy
  • Daddy's Song
  • Don't Leave Me
  • Everybody's Talkin'
  • Gotta Get Up
  • I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City
  • I Will Take You There
  • Jump Into The Fire
  • Life Line
  • Maybe
  • Me And My Arrow
  • Mournin' Glory Story
  • One
  • Open Your Window
  • The Puppy Song
  • Remember (Christmas)
  • Spaceman
  • Think About Your Troubles
  • Together
  • The Wailing Of The Willow
  • Without Her
  • Without You

"Oblio's pizza parlor really on its toes"

Bill St. John
Denver Post
October 20, 2000

A review of a Denver pizza parlor called "Oblio's."

"Danny McKay's pizza has a point, in a manner of speaking.

McKay's Park Hill pizza parlor, Oblio's, gets its name from the 1970 Harry Nilsson hit 'Me and My Arrow' (after Oblio, a pointless little boy who found himself and his dog, Arrow, in the Land of Point)."